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big end tab washer (rusty)

blind head waterdome 1mm

Blind head waterdome 2mm

bolt s/s 3/8" x 1 1/4" x 26tpi

brampton fork link pin

Carburettor flange Gasket

carburettor flange studs

clutch centre nut

clutch centre tab washer

clutch spring

clutch thrust pin lock nuts

crank pin screw peg type (RH)

crankcase alloy top cover

crankcase door clamp studs 22 tpi (case thread) s/s

crankcase door gasket longstroke

crankcase door short stroke

crankpin screw type (LH)

csk pan head bolts

cush hub rubbers enfield hub

Cylinder base paper gasket SCO-3-1-6-V274

cylinder base square section gasket

cylinder head nut 5/16" x22 bsf

Detachable cylinder head Gasket DPY 596 L/S

enfield hub retaining screw

Exhaust cover gasket 2 speeder

Exhaust flange longstroke gasket

Exhaust Flange Short Stroke Gasket

exhaust flange stud 5/16" x 26tpi

final drive sprocket 20T 3/8" wide

final drive sprocket 23T 3/8" wide

final drive sprocket 25T 5/16" wide

final drive sprocket 26T 5/16" wide

foot change fulcrum pin

foot change lever return spring

foot change pawl spring heavy

foot change pawl spring medium

front stand bushes flyer/rep

gearbox adjusting nut

gearbox bearing lj5/8

gearbox end cover dowels

gearbox filler cap

hand gear change clevis-brake clevis pin

Howarth exhaust Fishtail casting

kick start coil spring

kickstart boss washer

kickstart buffer cover

Kickstart return Spring SCO-2-3-41

kickstart stop rubber

layshaft tab washer

oil tank nut

oil tank outlets brass 1/8"BSP

pancake dynamo bearing large

pancake dynamo bearing small

pancake dynamo brush springs

rear brake adjuster sleeves

rear brake lever pivot bolt s/s

shipley front brake arm

spark plug 14mm NGK BP2ES SCO-7-5-14

steering damper star washer friction damper (tufnol)

tank drain plug brass 1/8" bsp

tank drain plug copper washer

transfer port

Transfer port door gasket

webb fork washers

webb front hub 6-7 inch lock nut narrow

webb front hub 6-7 inch lock nut wide

wheel (front) 5 inch webb type spindle nut

wheel (Front) 5" webb type cone lock nut s/s 9/16"BSCY

wheel (front) 5"webb type brake plate nut 9/16" BSCY

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